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Sleep Apnea

People with mild sleep apnea may stop breathing for only a few minutes an hour.  People with severe sleep apnea can stop breathing as many as 80 times in an hour.  Sleep apnea is a chronic disease that my trigger serious health problems such as Diabetes, chronic sleepiness, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, headaches, heartburn, obesity, depression, insomnia, lack of energy,dementia. 

The risks of untreated sleep apnea include:  Higher risk of acid reflux (GERD), high blood pressure, and/or diabetes.  Reduced life span (by as much as 6-15 years).  Increased medical care costs (by as much as 3 times the normal cost).  Significantly more likely to be involved in an accident at home, work, or while driving (estimates suggest 30-50% of car accidents are due to sleep apnea).  More prone to heart attacks because of increased cholesterol.  3-5 times more likely to develop cancer with moderate sleep apnea.  Subject to an increase risk of dementia (due to hypoxia)

At Sterling Family Dentistry, PC we screen for oxygen deprivation while sleeping with a pulse oximeter at no cost to our patients.

Dr. Sassack is well trained in the use of Oral Appliances to treat patients with mild to moderate Sleep Apnea, as well as those patients who have tried CPAP/BIPAP machines and can not tolerate them.

Consultations to see if an oral appliance is right for you are always free.


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